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The End Times launch

Oozing Gloop

A magazine made with Trans-Drag queens & ogres featuring storytelling for earthly survival

Oozing Gloop. Photo by Kaleido Shoots

Currently commissioned by Fierce 2022, Oozing Gloop is both a persona and a practice of queer revolt and revolution, creating live and performance-based art. The End Times is a periodical, glossy magazine that will work with Trans-Drag queens and ogres to enact storytelling for earthly survival in the neo-feudalism of the new dark age. Using the unique landscape of Norfolk and East Anglia, the magazine will be your survival guide to living on a dying planet.

The End Times will launch as part of Norfolk & Norwich Festival’s Posters, Pamphlets and Other Paraphernalia, curated by artists Hester Stefan Chillingworth and Salome Wagaine.

Oozing Gloop is a transgressive drag savant who has completed 500 miles of queer pilgrimage through the co-ordinates of their unconscious. This was the furnace that melded six years of disappointing study with a sublime cabaret practice. Creating a provocative performance practice of queer spectacle exploring Awe; the awful, the awesome and the autistic. Her interdisciplinary practice seeks to put a very particular voice upon a powerful pedestal of the universal subject and seeks to make society assimilate her. In the same way as society expects him to assimilate it. Troublesome, camp and revolting.

Date and time

17 May 2022

Please note
This is now a past event.


Norfolk & Norwich Festival
Norwich City Centre
Norfolk and Norwich Festival