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Aura Satz


Aura’s performances, videos and sculptural installations explore the notion of mediated presence.

Working with an essentially sculptural notion of performance – be this through the playing of the electromagnetic etherwaves of an immobile pregnant belly, a musical escape act from a grand piano, or an interactive cabinet of anagrammatic illusions and phantom limbs – the body merges with its props, is constricted and boxed into a static object, implying dynamic motion and presence from within. As such the works evoke a sort of reverse animism. The animate is compressed into the inanimate, only to then emanate an uncanny sense of liveness. Aura is currently exploring spiritualist musical manifestations, mediumship, human radios, vocal possession, throat singing and the use of sound as a means of conveying presence in absentia.

Date Title Venue City
9 July 2008 Automamusic Artprojx Space London