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Heath Bunting


Heath Bunting was born a Buddhist in Wood Green, London, UK and is able to make himself laugh.

He is a co-founder of both and sport-art movements and is banned for life from entering the USA for his anti-GM work. His self taught and authentically independent work is direct and uncomplicated and has never been awarded a prize or been bought or sold. He is both Britain’s most important practising artist and The World’s most famous computer artist. He aspires to be a skillful member of the public and is producing an expert system for identity mutation.

Avon canoe pilot, supported by this bursary, is a classic Buddhist sport-art project it is only itself, making no allusions or associations to things greater or more established than itself it exists within the realms of sport/adventure and exploration all activities are performed in a state of beginners mind, which is aspired to by many, but is also highly provocative.