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Katherina Radeva


My work is an amalgamation of personal experiences and universal signs and symbols.

I use the universal as a means of making accessible my own experiences, experiences that have solidified as objects and images, as memories. My performance work often takes the form of a ritual that contains the essence of my country’s past.

I believe that a simple representation of an idea lends an importance to the symbolic and the metaphorical as a means of engaging with the now enabling me to act within the cultural present whilst remembering/resembling the past. Today’s mediatised culture with its reliance on instant availability and immediate gratification has no place for metaphor and no time for history, my practice is an exploration of these issues.

Date Title Venue City
6 May 2009 Native Birds Toynbee Studios
Katherina Radeva. Native Birds at Toynbee Studios. Photo by Benjamin Jenner