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Malik Nashad Sharpe


Malik Nashad Sharpe (b.1992, New York) is a choreographer and dancer making performances under their aliases Marikiscrycrycry and DANCEw/YUNGMARIK!!

Their work operates with an expansive choreographic proposition that utilises dance and live action as a modality that excavates various ontologies at/around Blackness and [G/END/ER]Queerness. Their performances lean into the affective and physical politics of anxiety, allostatic load, aesthetics, and alienation, creating textured material that undermines hegemonic meaning production.

At the unruly juncture of possibility and marginalisation, they often rely on emotional and ephemeral performative acts and textures to patch together references and social refusals as vexed assemblages of the cultural and political present. Performing in theatres, club nights, and galleries, their works build and motorise the conditions and strategies necessary for futurity and, namely their own survival.

Bursary plans

I will be using the Artsadmin Artists’ Bursary to endow a new choreographic project and way of working called DANCEw/YUNGMARIK!!, hoping to expand upon the research residue from my current solo practice, bringing forth and challenging my aesthetic concerns by working consistently with a group of invited performers and dancers.

I am particularly interested in establishing deeper connections between the dances that proliferate throughout the Black public on the Internet, the choreographic ritual, the advent of soundcloud rap and its pertinent political and emotional content, and what dancing proposes and can propose.

marikiscrycrycry, Hotter Than A Pan. Photo courtesy of the artist and Baltic Triennial 13.