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Rachael Young


Rachael Young is an award-winning artist whose interdisciplinary performances traverse the boundaries between live art, dance, contemporary theatre and socially engaged practice.

Her work creates spaces for intersectional realities to be explored and celebrated and for alternative narratives and forms to evolve and be heard.

Rachael’s most recent shows OUT and NIGHTCLUBBING have received critical acclaim; with OUT winning the 2017 South East Dance ‘A Space to Dance’ Brighton Fringe Award and gaining a nomination for the ‘Total Theatre & The Place Award for Dance’ at Edinburgh Fringe. Rachael is currently touring these works nationally and internationally.

Bursary plans

“I am my ancestors’ wildest dream.”


Melanin is a complex polymer responsible for determining skin and hair colour and is present in the skin to varying degrees, depending on how much a population has been exposed to the sun historically. What if Melanin was a Superpower – what if black skin was celebrated rather than denigrated, how different might our world look and feel, how can we get there?

Researching Afrofuturism has offered me a lens through which to hope – a way to start imagining a different, truly inclusive future. Working with lens based media for the first time, this project will explore the potential of sci-fi narratives to consider and start working towards social change.

Photo by Marcus Hessenberg