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Sarah Baker


In her explorations of representation and social status, Baker often disseminates her artwork unconventionally to heighten the tension between fabrication and authenticity.

Her public interventions have been showcased in International glossy magazines and expose the artifice of celebrity culture. Using self-branding and tactical marketing tropes to position herself at the centre of a fabricated spectacle, the result of her inter-subjective performances is that her work sits uneasily within the fashion, film, advertising and art worlds.

Baker received a Bachelors of Fine Art from San Francisco Art Institute, USA (2001), and an MA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London (2002).  She has exhibited since 2004 in London, the USA and Europe.  Baker currently has a solo show at Carter Gallery in East London, and a forthcoming solo at Halwalls, Buffalo NY (USA).

Over the past decade Baker has assembled obscure subjects, characters and personalities that form an unlikely amalgamation, which she has showcased, interviewed, appropriated, and obsessed over. There is an empowering element to this exposition, with particular interest in blurring the line between low and high-brow. Baker’s practice is centred on her experimentation with the process of re-contextualising her subjects to create photographic portraits, videos, and collages. Her subjects are often lionized and made to look as if they stepped out of a glossy fashion magazine, resulting in unstable positioning within a fantasy landscape of the extraordinary.

Sarah Baker created exclusive Do Not Disturb signs and keycards as part of the Town Hall Hotel Commissions.