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Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis


Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis work exclusively through collaboration – devising improvisational situations, actions, performance and poetic play.

Their practice is emergent, experimental and interdisciplinary, drawing on genealogies of punk, dada and feminist paragogy. 

Their work takes form in the math and aftermath; roleplay, props, prompts, settings or atmospheres created – the mise-en-scene. Sophie + Kerri adopt known forms (the survey, the band, the quiz, the dinner) to court the social imaginary; scores to hold space differently, where prefigurative practices can be mapped and embodied. They are interested in autonomous ecologies, conviviality, refusal and the textures of our lived experiences. |

Bursary plans

During the Bursary period Sophie + Kerri will spend time in archives, waiting rooms and civic centres, at kitchen tables and in the sweaty bit at gigs, developing their speculative research around orientations, objects and others. They will produce new work across choreography, sculpture, and experimental film, asking how bodies shape, and are shaped by space.

Attending to the anarchic, potent mess where people, material and linguistics spillover and rub, Sophie + Kerri will work with new and long term collaborators, utilising the space and time offered by their upcoming residencies at Scottish Sculpture Workshop and METAL Southend to ruminate and make.

Not Only Women Only! Pub Quiz 2018. Photo by Sophie Le Roux.