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A Benchmark in Post-Capitalism

Photo by Immo Klink

As part of C.R.A.S.H Culture, a series of commissioned interventions across the City of London, The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination spent three months working with a range of young artists recruited through Artsadmin’s Radical Talk programme.

Thirty participants attended an initial weekend workshop on creative intervention, and a smaller group decided to continue working together as a collective. Over several weeks, this collective (Quantitative Teasing) spent an extended period exploring and observing how the City of London is used throughout the day and night, researching its history and investigating how corporations based in the City contribute to climate change. The group was made up of A level students, teachers, activists, seed bank workers and arts professionals and artists, and met weekly at Toynbee Studios to create a piece based on their research that helped to imagine a postcapitalist future.

A Benchmark in Postcapitalism was the final outcome of this project – a series of 13 brass plaques attached to benches across London’s financial district. The works were installed during the Two Degrees Festval in June 2009.

Photo by Immo Klink