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Bells of Shoreditch

Anne Bean


…when I grow rich, say the bells of Shoreditch… As part of Shoreditch Festival in August 2007, Anne invited twenty local women aged from 13 to 60 years to join her in Shoreditch Church to create a durational performance involving flowery dresses suspended on helium balloons.

The women, from many different backgrounds, each continuously sang a lullaby from their childhood whilst cutting flowers from the dresses leaving garlands strewn on the floor. The remaining lacy forms, released from their earthly flowers, gently floated off the ground and finally ascended to the ceiling. The drone of tuned harmonicas, played by huge weather balloons, harmonised with the voices whilst the church bell marked time.

Participant comments

“I really enjoyed being part of Anne Bean’s pure and beautiful conceptual piece.”

“Meeting the other lovely belles was an added bonus.”

“I had a very memorable and lovely experience during the performance and met a great bunch of fab women. Anne Bean’s whole visual and concept was very pure and executed with understated precision.”

“Loved it all and very glad to have been involved.”

“I had a totally wonderful experience being part of Shoreditch Bells and would definitely do it again at the drop of a hat, or a cut out flower from a flowery dress. Keep me informed, and I very much hope to have the opportunity of catching up with all or some of my fellow floaty flowery dress wearers soon.”

“I really enjoyed taking part in this project, I thought it was really poetic and absorbing without being too fussy: quiet and simple.”