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Church of the Latter Day Sinners

Stacy Makishi

Stacy Makishi, Vesper Time. Photo by Tamsin Drury
2020 – 2023

Stacy Makishi believes that Live Art + Spirituality can change the world:

“Words like ‘soul’, ‘church’ and ‘minister’ scare the bejesus outta my queer bits, but I have faith in Live Art to subvert, pervert and divert preconceived notions and expectations and bring people together. When people gather to sing, shout, swear and dance together; when we let go of who we think we should be and celebrate who we are; when we believe that we matter and have the power to impact the world; this is what the church can be.”

Like an ordinary church, everyone is welcome, but Church of the Latter Day Sinners offers a different kind of communion, where the public come together to find strength in their shame. Led by pastor-cum-preacher-cum-spiritual teacher Stacy, expect an atmosphere that cultivates risk, shuns imposter syndrome and welcomes imperfection.

Commissioned for Here and Now led by Future Arts Centres to mark the National Lottery’s 25th birthday.

For more information on this project contact Róise Goan at

Date Title Venue City
6 February – 13 March 2021 Saturday Night Live Art Fever Creative Folkestone Quarterhouse
31 January – 7 March 2021 Church of the Latter Day Sinners Creative Folkestone Quarterhouse
Stacy Makishi, Vesper Time. Photo by Tamsin Drury