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Ellipsoid in Void

Ackroyd & Harvey

Photo by Ackroyd & Harvey
1999 – 2024

The intention of the artists has been to create a celebratory but nevertheless mysterious work that draws and welcomes people to the revitalised theatre.

The work is placed within an elevated space above the foyer entrance defined in architectural terms as a ‘clerestory void’, and is visible both from outside the building and from within the foyer interior. This space is akin to a large display case and the artists wanted to place a form within the space that would have the ambiguous presence of an object hovering in space.

The Regent Theatre has been restored to its former glory and great attention has been paid to the quality and authenticity of the detailing. This artwork places something new and completely contemporary in this setting without disturbing the appearance of the building.

The sculptural form was cast in plaster and made in several sections before being assembled in the space. It was designed by Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey and made in Bristol by Hales and Hawe, the same firm of skilled plaster craftworkers who reproduced the original mouldings for the interior.

The lighting for the sculptural form was designed and co-ordinated by Simon Corder and utilises low energy fluorescent tubes arranged within the space to produce the most even light distribution.

Commissioned by pArts on behalf of Stoke on Trent City Council. Artwork developed in collaboration with lighting designer Simon Corder and architects Levitt Bernstein Associates.

This artwork was commissioned by Stoke on Trent City Council as part of the Percent for Art Programme for the developments of the Regent Theatre and the Victoria Hall. The Percent for Art Programme has been funded with support from the Arts Council Lottery Board and was a condition of the Arts Council’s Capital Funding for the Cultural Quarter Development.

The Royal Society of Arts supported research and development of ideas through their Art for Architecture Scheme, where the emphasis is on a collaborative relationship between architect and artist, on consideration of space and an integrated placement of artwork.

Photo by Ackroyd & Harvey