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Life Drawing

Ackroyd & Harvey

© Ackroyd & Harvey
2004 – 2024

Ackroyd and Harvey were granted permission by the Heritage Protection Office of Riga to grow the complete exterior structure of a mausoleum in the Grand City Cemetry, the original resting place of the city’s elite 18th and 19th century merchants.

Set in a tranquil setting of trees, the atmosphere of the place belies a turbulent past, with many of the tombs having been vandalised by factions of the Soviet Army in the period of occupation prior to Latvia’s independance over ten years ago.

The mausoleum, styled in the form of a Greek Temple, presented the artist’s with the opportunity to create a discrete but challenging public artwork that engaged people in the immediate local community and the audience witnessing the major art event happening in galleries and public sites throughout the city.

Commissioned and presented by European Space, Sculpture Quadriennial, Riga, Latvia. Financially supported by The British Council.

© Ackroyd & Harvey