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Lonesome Way

Graeme Miller

2003 – 2024

Lonesome Way is a 7 minute digital video work by Graeme Miller which exhibited at Pearl, London as part of Rancho Notorious group show 15th Nov – 14th Dec 2003 with work by Albert Freeman, John Isaacs, Cornelia Parker, Pascal Rousson and Richard Woods.

The work constructed a Country and Western song whose lyrics are culled from details of a 360 degree pan around a neighbourhood of South London whose streets include ‘Lonesome Way’. The piece was subsequently seen at ‘One Night Stand’ group show, El Montan Motor Hotel, S. Antonio TEXAS. Feb 2004

“…best of all is Graeme Miller’s video “Lonesome Way”. As the camera pans 360 degrees around urban streets, things seen (wooden railings, cars, a postbox, a church ) provoke snippets of country-and-western song: when the railings reappear, for instance, Miller sings, ‘Just mending fences that somehow got broken’. He starts walking while singing to a guitar strumming accompaniment ‘ As I walk on my own’ Crummy surroundings, the solitude of the urban cowboy and the loneliness expressed in the song create a mood of surprising melancholy.”

Sarah Kent