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Sewing your Shadow

Lucy Cash

Sewing your Shadow by Lucy Cash. Photo by the artist.

A site-specific, promenade performance made for the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood as part of the Big Dance.

When does a memory become a story? When does a story become a museum?

Sewing Your Shadow was a ‘cabinet’ of memories, gestures and movement collected from a company of professional performers, older dancers from Green Candle Dance Company and children from Chisehale Primary School and choreographed into a twilight stroll through the museum.

Memories were collected from people aged seven to seventy years and re-imagined as song, gesture, movement and stories. Each one of us is a small museum for the images and stories we collect, remember and leave behind us as shadows.

An East London Dance and T-Mobile Big Dance commission produced by Artsadmin and Chisenhale Dance Space. Supported by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and presented as part of CREATE 10.

Sewing your Shadow by Lucy Cash. Photo by the artist.