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Monitors programme 1

Charlie Murphy, Deep and Dark (2001, 3mins), Soften (2002, 3mins), Carousel (2003, 3mins), Joy (2003, 3mins)
Lucille Power, Table Dance (2002, 3mins)
Aura Satz, I Am Anagram: Instructions for Use (2005, 7mins)
Jyll Bradley, Landscape with Flowers (a film by Dan Saul)  (2005, 6 mins 30)
Katherine Hymers, Untitled (Frame) (2006, 40mins)
Grace Surman, White For Camera (2004, 16mins)
Edith Marie Pasquier, One had a sorrow that never was said (2005, 25mins)

Image: Still from Soften (Charlie Murphy)


Date and time

5–10 June 2007

Please note
This is now a past event.


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