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Screenings programme 3

DV8 Physical Theatre, Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men (© LWT 1990, 50mins)
Loosely based on the story of British serial killer Dennis Nilsen, the work explores, through non-narrative dance theatre, the interwoven notions of loneliness, desire and trust.

Its impact is in its dreadful, tragic reality.
The Guardian

DV8 Physical Theatre, Strange Fish
Adapted for the screen by DV8 Films Ltd (© BBC 1992, 50mins)
A film about friendship and the search for something or someone to believe in.

Dares to address intense and gruelling areas of our spiritual and emotional life … immaculately directed and performed…
The Independent

Image from Dead Dreams… by Eleni Leoussi


Date and time

13 June 2007

Please note
This is now a past event.


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