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Encounters and Combatants For Peace


In his dual role as a creative director of Encounters and UK representative of Combatants for Peace Ben Yeger has been working with partners in Israel, Palestine and the UK over the last few months to bring this remarkable group to England this July.
The Combatants for Peace movement was started in 2005 by Palestinians who had been part of the violent struggle against the occupation and Israelis who had fought in the Israeli army. Having put down their arms, Combatants for Peace members are engaged in a non-violent struggle against the Israeli occupation and for a viable peace in the area. They are committed to using dialogue and reconciliation as a way to promote the establishment of a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem, alongside the State of Israel. 

Combatants for Peace is represented in the UK by 16 Israeli and Palestinian members of the Tul-Karem/Tel- Aviv group, one of the five bi-national local activist groups operating in Israel/Palestine. This unique group uses theatre as a tool for dialogue, action and transformation. Encounters are hosting a 10 day tour of public events for this group to share their personal stories and non-violent, creative methods for resolving conflicts. 
For an organisation whose bi-national members routinely risk arrest and resentment from within their own communities simply for meeting together, this extraordinary UK visit offers a safe space for Combatants for Peace members to deepen relationships within their group as well as take part in a series of public events.

To see the full programme of events, please visit the Encounters website


Date and time

21–30 July 2010

Please note
This is now a past event.


Warrington, Coventry and London