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Two Degrees: Hortus | Christoph De Boeck & Patrícia Portela

12pm-6pm. Free

A garden where ecology and economics collide

Hortus proposes an artificial ecology. Explore a garden where a sensor network measures the dynamics of wind and light harvested by plants during their photosynthetic process, and translates it into bird sounds.

As you move around a financial algorithm (similar to those used in speculation economic markets) interprets your movements and transforms and remaps the natural garden soundscape to the plants which seem most profitable in that split second.

Stop, to read or to reflect, and the original sound design for the garden returns, reflecting only the readings of natural energy.

At the same time, a network of micro stories compares definitions of common terms in the economic, political, or natural worlds such as growth, beauty, regeneration or time.

Monday 17 June Hortus Salon, 7pm
This free Salon event will explore the themes of the installation. The Salon will begin by presenting two hypothetical futures: 2020 and 2084. Each future comes with its own model of society; each with a different political, cultural, environmental and social approach to the same issues. We will be joined by experts from different scientific and social fields to explore these visions of the future and how they might fit with our own.

In an informal atmosphere we would like to open the discussion to everyone present, motivating the exercise of debating microutopias by imagining the impossible and therefore, make it happen.

Presented by LIFT in association with Artsadmin as part of Two Degrees.


Date and time

17–22 June 2013

Please note
This is now a past event.


Dalston Eastern Curve Garden
13 Dalston Lane
E8 3DF