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Jo Hellier: Festival of Ancients

Photo by the artist

12-5pm. Free.

Visit three listening capsules, lie down and reflect on this tipping point.

It’s the future and we have come together to celebrate and lament the past.

Welcome to the Festival of Ancients. We are here to celebrate and lament ‘The Era of Mass Extraction’, an extraordinary time in human and ecological history. We dug down into the earth and found a layer of plastic and many other sacred artefacts. This is our reconstruction and interpretation of that time of transition, sharing what we found and heard in that layer of earth.

We invite you to visit three listening capsules. The sound they carry is coming up from the ground, the memory of the land and the dwellers of a past era (c.2017). Lie down, listen and reflect on the past.

If you’d like to be part of the making session to help create these structures the week before (Saturday 10 June) please register your interest by email.

Let us know you’re attending on Facebook.


Date and time

18 June 2017

Please note
This is now a past event.


Allen Gardens
Buxton Street
E1 5EH