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Uno Di Noi

Gary Stevens

Commissioned by Polverigi Festival, Uno Di Noi draws on Gary Stevens’ recent experiments with language and his performance, L’Un de Nous, which he created in Paris in 2014. 

Working with up to 20 Italian performers and artists, Gary will draw on their memories and life stories. As the group begin to copy each other’s words, phrases, gestures, actions and activities to forge common identities, it becomes clear that no one is entirely in control of the emerging character. Conflicts, contradictions and incongruities continually arise and then get resolved. 

This playful and poignant performance creates a curious portrait of a community. It attempts to address similarity and difference, accord and discord, elebrating a sense of unity born of multiplicity. 


Date and time

21–24 June 2018

Please note
This is now a past event.


Inteatro Festival