5 - 9 February 2019

Cuteness Forensics

Tim Spooner and Tom Richards  

The Yard
United Kingdom

7.30pm. £20/£17 concessions (part of a double bill with Ira Brand: Ways to Submit).

Tom Richards and Tim Spooner combines music and sculpture in this visual and sonic escapade. Using soft materials and hardware such as velvet, electronics, sponge, lead and record players – they create a system which monitors and responds to itself.

Small objects are magnified and manipulated into something sonically overwhelming. Vulnerability and intimacy are exposed among catastrophic sound effects. Tom and Tim perform an abstract autopsy, opening things up and revealing something tender and empathic in material.

In this weird world, the internal is externalised, soft tissues meet jagged edges and soppy sculptures move to inflexible rhythms.

'Watching Cuteness Forensics, for me, is a reminder of the feeling – exciting and disorienting – of encountering something out of place... I laugh a lot.' - Exeunt Magazine

Photo by Tim Spooner

Photo by Tim Spooner

Cuteness Forensics 2019-02-05 00:00:00 2019-02-09 00:00:00 The Yard, London United Kingdom
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