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There’s a new addition to the Toynbee Studios’ entrance: empty your pockets of loose change and try out our new donation box by artist Chris Dobrowolski, one of the artists that Artsadmin produces. 

GIVE ME THE MONEY was originally commissioned by and generously offered on extended loan from Firstsite, Colchester. When Chris Dobrowolski was asked to make a donation box for Firstsite, he decided to approach it like any other artistic commission. GIVE ME THE MONEY (2006) explores notions of art and commerce, with donated coins travelling via the artists’ paintbrushes and prison-like studio before arriving quite literally into Chris’ jeans pocket.

“The original commission was to make a donations box for the gallery but I approached the project the same as I would any other artistic commission. It seemed the perfect vehicle to explore notions of art and commerce, a subject that had been an ongoing theme in my work.

I’ve used my voice in art works before. I fill up a C90 cassette with whatever line I want to use and then put it in a Walkman cassette-type tape player that has a ‘continuous play’ setting. I like to make the recording in ‘real time’, so each line is slightly different. To fill up a C90 cassette that’s an hour and a half of saying the same thing over and over. With the line “Give me the money”. I had to loop the same fifteen minutes, however, because that’s how long I could shout it before I lost my voice.”

Chris Dobrowolski

All your donations will go directly to Artsadmin’s Artists’ Bursary Scheme, which has supported over 230 artists working in live art and contemporary performance since 1998 with a grant, mentoring, advocacy and a performance opportunity.

So pop into Toynbee Studios with your pockets full of change and try out the new donation box! Every penny and pound is doubled by Arts Council England until August 2019 thanks to Catalyst Evolve.

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