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Frank Bock (performer/choreographer) and Simon Vincenzi (director/designer) have worked together since 1995. Together, through a series of uncompromising theatre/dance projects for both adults and children, they have explored the relationship between the language of movement and mystery of the image.

The work has had very clear conceptual origins, where memory, communication, time, the divided self, consciousness, death and disappearance have been recurring themes that have developed uncanny, evocative and intensely visceral stage worlds. Their works are based on ever-evolving ideas of isolation, observation, performance, transcription and translation with no predetermined outcome. During this time, the work has been developed with collaborators from a broad range of disciplines – both sighted and visually impaired performers, dancers and actors, artists with physical disabilities, sound and video artists, computer programmers, philosophers, photographers, poets, writers, a phenomenologist academic and a spirit medium. They have been drawn from England, Scotland, Norway, Armenia, Belgium and Brazil.

In previous series of works, the Forest Dance quartet and Breathtaking, extreme physical and visual worlds were developed which dealt, in part, with a complex re-telling of narrative structures. Subsequent phases of work have attempted to address the fear and complexity that presents itself when those structures are taken away – both for the performers and their audience. It was out of this premise that the concept of invisible dances… was born in 2000.

Date Title Venue City
14–15 May 2010 The Ouroboros Recordings BAC London
7 May 2010 The Ouroboros Recordings Forli
18 March 2010 The Ouroboros Recordings - work in progress The Swiss Cube #2, Instituto Svizzero Rome
3 March 2010 CLUB EXTINCTION The Arches, London Bridge
16 July 2009 In the Reign of Translation Chisenhale Dance Space London
22–24 January 2009 THE INFINITE PLEASURES OF THE GREAT UNKNOWN Netmage festival Bologna
2–3 July 2008 THE INFINITE PLEASURES... Theater der Welt Hallé
28 June 2008 THE INFINITE PLEASURES... Ineatro Polverigi
19–21 June 2008 THE INFINITE PLEASURES... Toynbee Studios
15 June 2008 The Testament of Dr Mabuse Toynbee Studios
6–7 June 2008 THE INFINITE PLEASURES... Tramway Glasgow
5 October 2007 Here, as if… Condition Publique Roubaix
4–31 May 2006 Here, As If They Hadn’t Been, As If They Are Not. an epilogue. Nottdance, Nottingham / Kunsten Festival des Arts, Brussels / Laban, London Nottingham, Brussels, London
15–16 September 2005 L’Altrove Venice Biennale Venice
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