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Elinor Lewis


Elinor Lewis is a performance-driven artist based in London. Her choreography employs the relationship between human and object to investigate themes of risk, space and impermanence.

There is a stark minimalism to her choreography that promotes a contemplative stillness within her work. 

Elinor is particularly interested in subverting the power dynamic between human and object so that the inanimate seems autonomous. This has led to her most recent preoccupation with balanced objects and how their potential to fall can make them seem as though they are autonomously acting against gravity’s influence. Elinor’s current work seeks to expose the space between human and object as a charged area of conflict. She is interested in how, as humans, we affect change in our environment as much as our environment affects change in us. Elinor merges installation and performance to investigate this reciprocal relationship. 

Date Title Venue City
17 May 2018 BANNER Toynbee Studios
Photo by Ludovic Descognets