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Richard DeDomenici


Since graduating with a first in Fine art from Cardiff, Richard DeDomenici has produced, on average, a work of art every fortnight.

This proliferation has borne some rich, radical and highly acclaimed fruit. From the Edinburgh Festival to the National Theatre – via Beijing, Iceland and New York – his performances have entertained, challenged and transformed. (1)

Richard DeDomenici has created a wide variety of performances that make use of conceptual art tactics in combination with an irreverent pop sensibility to critique and intervene in public behaviour and rhetoric. (2)

Richard DeDomenici demonstrates his commitment to a stance against standardisation and indifference by taking over a territory until its everyday users become offended or drive him away. Through his actions, he aims to perturb our usual way of thinking. (3)

His work disturbs the normal perception of public space and the rules that govern it, and he questions ownership of public areas and authority in general. Richard DeDomenici finds ways of getting his message across through humour and public confrontation outside of normal performance spaces. (4)

Hirsute and cute in a hazmat suit (5), Richard DeDomenici’s work is frank, amusing, insightful and at times inane. (6)

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  4. Nikki Milican
  6. Sara Jane Bailes, Performance Theatre and the Poetics of Failure, Routledge, 2010

Date Title Venue City
19 February 2015 The Redux Project Toynbee Studios
6 December 2013 New Work Network Posthumous AGM Toynbee Studios
2–25 August 2013 Popaganda Pleasance Hunt & Darton Cafe Edinburgh
26 January 2013 Popaganda Camden People's Theatre London
1–2 December 2012 Artsadmin Weekender: Richard DeDomenici Toynbee Studios
24 November 2012 Popaganda Hazlitt Arts Centre Maidstone
23 November 2012 Popaganda Central Studio Basingstoke
22 November 2012 Popaganda Colchester Arts Centre Colchester
26 October 2012 Popaganda Key Theatre Peterborough
19 October 2012 Popaganda The Junction Cambridge
11 October 2012 Popaganda The Basement Brighton
14 September 2012 Popaganda Toynbee Studios
17 March 2011 Dogging for Gold Toynbee Studios
9–21 August 2010 DeDomegamix Edinburgh
16 July 2010 DeDomegamix Cabaret Tent Suffolk
15–20 June 2010 Plane Food Cafe Naples
3 April 2010 Foreign Muck The Basement Brighton
17 March 2010 DeDomeNRLArchive The Arches Glasgow
12 November 2009 Plagiarismo! Chelsea Theatre London
17–30 August 2009 Plane Food Cafe New Town Theatre (Venue 7)
17 July 2009 Plagiarismo! Latitude Festival Southwold
16–20 June 2009 Plane Food Cafe Toynbee Studios
4 June 2009 Plagiarismo! Toynbee Studios
30 May 2009 Health and Safety BAC
30 April 2009 Did Priya Pathak Ever Get Her Wallet Back? Norwich Arts Centre Norwich
14–15 March 2009 Berlin Academy of Art Berlin
3 February 2009 Plagiarismo! Exeter Phoenix arts & media Exeter
27 September 2008 2012 ThinkTank Special Toynbee Studios
1–30 April 2008 Culturail Chelsea Theatre London
8 March 2008 Post Avant-Garde Activism Tate Modern London
26 February – 29 April 2008 I am a think tank Toynbee Studios
14–18 February 2008 Live Art & The Art Market Madrid
7–10 February 2008 Did Priya Pathak Ever Get Her Wallet Back: Epilogue Tramway Glasgow
17 December 2007 – 15 January 2008 Residency Greenham Common Berkshire
20 July 2007 Rub Me Up The Wrong Way Norwich
15 June 2007 SuperJumbo Toynbee Studios
19 April – 28 May 2007 Normalisation of Deviance Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park
4 April 2007 Embracing Failure Plymouth College of Art and Design Plymouth
27 March 2007 Embracing Failures Watford
14–18 March 2007 Cat Show Cardiff
8–10 March 2007 Performing Rights Tanzquartier Vienna
13 February – 6 May 2007 System Error Palazzo delle Papesse Siena