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Distinguished Hits (1991-2000)

La Ribot

La Ribot: Image, Mémoire, Corps

A unique combination of solo performances and actions, Distinguished Hits (1991-2000) gives us a wry take on the physical and sculptural nature of choreography. 

Beginning in 1993, the Distinguished Pieces project is a long-term collection of shorter works of up to seven minutes in duration, reconfiguring earlier pieces with newer work.

Date Title Venue City
11–22 October 2017 Distinguished Hits (1991-2001) Association pour la Danse Contemporaine Geneva
29 September 2017 Distinguished Hits (1991-2001) Kaserne Basel, Performance Process Basel
7–10 November 2016 Distinguished Hits (1991-2001) CND Paris
La Ribot: Image, Mémoire, Corps