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Lachrymae – an immersive installation

In 2000, Helen Ottaway (composer), Rowena Pearce (sculptor) and Alastair Goolden (sound designer) created Lachrymae – an indoor sound and visual installation activated by the movement of visitors to the space. The work was inspired by Ted Hughes’ translation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, in particular the end of the story of Phaeton’s fall from the sky in his father’s chariot: Phaeton’s sisters, grieving for their brother by the riverside, were turned to trees and wept tears which, as they fell, turned to amber and floated down the river to “become adornments for Roman brides”.

For some time the collaborators have planned to create an outdoor version of this piece and are delighted to now have the opportunity. Joined by artist Tim Millar the group will create a new version of this work for the Avenue of Trees in Wandsworth Park. The piece will form part of The Shimmy, Wandsworth’s linear riverside festival on Sunday 19th May 2013. The CD, Lachrymae, 5 laments for voice and violin and Tim Millar’s Galanty show of the story will be available from 19th May 2013.

Date Title Venue City
19 May 2013 Lachrymae The Shimmy, Wandsworth Park London