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Más Distinguidas (Revival)

La Ribot

Photo by Nyima Leray.
2015 – 2016

First performed by La Ribot in 1997, Más Distinguidas was the second in the series of her Distinguished Pieces. In this revival, she has invited dancer Ruth Childs to inherit her role, surprising new audiences with this seminal and pertinent work.

Thirteen short solo pieces, delicately constructed and often funny, lasting from thirty seconds to eight minutes each, present the body as an ‘l’objet d’art’. In each, the unclothed performer becomes absurdly entwined with a variety of everyday objects and clothing to create a witty confusion between bodies and inanimate stuff. From a rubber chicken and hand-held fan to a blue wig and cocktail dress, with references to Magritte, Yves Klein and John Cage, La Ribot gives us a wry take on the physical and sculptural nature of choreography.

“[La Ribot] is queen of incongruity, teaser of the mind and a very fine dancer.”

Festival and Fringe, Adelaide, Australia

For more information on this project contact Nicky Childs at

Date Title Venue City
27 March 2016 Mas Distinguidas OX Warehouse Macau
25–26 March 2016 Mas Distinguidas Hong Kong Arts Centre Hong Kong
19 March 2016 Mas Distinguidas Beijing Penghao Theatre Beijing
17 March 2016 Mas Distinguidas Power Station of Art Shanghai
17 December 2015 Mas Distinguidas Batiment d'Art Contemporain Geneva
11–21 November 2015 Carnation & Mas Distinguidas Theatre de Vidy Lausanne
6–7 November 2015 Carnation & Mas Distinguidas Teatro Central Seville
Photo by Nyima Leray.