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The Telescope

Tim Spooner

Photo by Nick Harrison

The Telescope underwent a traumatic relocation and its lenses and mirrors became hopelessly rearranged.

It was impossible to tell anymore whether the view through the telescope was of the surface of a distant planet or a microscopic reflection of the interior of the viewer’s own eye.

Nevertheless this new world was studied and documented thoroughly.

The Telescope looks through a broken telescope at a world which responds to being watched, a reflection of the watcher. A series of magnetic and chemical events are enacted under a microscope camera and presented live as a documentary account of an uncertain landscape.

For more information on this project download the touring pack or contact Ania Obolewicz at

Date Title Venue City
11 November 2018 The Telescope NoD Theatre Prague
13 September 2018 The Telescope Il Festival Opera Prima Rovigo
21–23 July 2017 The Telescope Culture Station Seoul284 Seoul
14 December 2014 The Telescope Festival Natura dei Teatri #19 Parma
27–28 September 2014 The Telescope Terni Festival Terni
Photo by Nick Harrison