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What’s wrong with the world?

Station House Opera

© David Brown

From Soho to Rio: What’s wrong with the world? is a unique event performed in real time across two continents.

Combining live performance in Soho’s theatre bar with real time video links from both locations, What’s wrong with the world? takes the distance between the two cities and uses it to create a third, surprisingly intimate location where performers in London mingle, merge and collide with their counterparts in Rio.

Created, rehearsed and performed via live video link, What’s wrong with the world? combines two cities and two stories to form a single vibrating narrative of distance, delay, loss and discovery characterised by Station House Opera’s distinctive physical and visual style.

What’s wrong with the world? is a collaboration with Phila7 and Oi Futuro in Brazil and is produced by Phila7 in Brazil and Artsadmin in the UK, with support from Soho Theatre and Café Lazeez.

© David Brown