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Station House Opera


With past projects ranging from spectacular site-specific works created with 10,000 breeze blocks, to simultaneous performances across continents using live internet streaming, Station House Opera is an internationally renowned performance company with a unique physical and visual style.

Founded in 1980, the company’s work varies enormously in scale, appearance and location and uses spectacle to explore the intimate relationship between people and the environment they inhabit. They have created projects in locations all over the world, from New York’s Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage to Dresden’s historic Frauenkirche and Salisbury Cathedral, and their Internet projects have spanned continents, with simultaneous performances as far apart as Brazil, Singapore and the UK.

“As stunningly visual as it is visionary.”

Glasgow Herald

“A company that can still be well ahead of the game.”


“Station House Opera can’t be described, it must be experienced.”

Die Welt

“Strikingly dynamic, confusing, funny and alarming… unlike any other performance art I’ve seen.”


Date Title Venue City
21 November 2023 At Home in Gaza and London Battersea Arts Centre, London
25 June 2022 Dominoes Corn Exchange Newbury
13 May 2022 Dominoes Norwich
20 October 2020 Happy Days: Artists' talk
19 October – 2 November 2020 Happy Days: scenes of self-isolation
21 September 2019 Dominoes Festival van de Architectuur Ghent
1 May 2019 At Home in Gaza and London: Screening University of Manchester Manchester
11 August 2018 Dominoes Absolutely Cultured Hull
9–11 July 2018 At Home in Gaza and London Liverpool Arab Arts Festival Liverpool
9–11 July 2018 At Home in Gaza and London El-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation Gaza
28 June – 1 July 2018 At Home in Gaza and London Battersea Arts Centre London
15 April 2018 Dominoes Zone Artistique Temporaire Festival Montpellier
12–13 November 2016 At Home in Gaza and London Toynbee Studios
1–2 October 2016 Dominoes Festival International des Arts Bordeaux Metropole Saint-Medard & Bordeaux
3 September 2016 Dominoes London
16 July 2016 Dominoes IF: Milton Keynes International Festival Milton Keynes
20 March 2016 Dominoes Festival de Keuze Rotterdam
6 February 2016 Dominoes Arts Centre Melbourne Melbourne
26 September 2015 Dominoes Cluj
15 August 2015 Dominoes Stockholms Kulturfestival Stockholm
5 July 2015 Dominoes Les Tombées de la Nuit Rennes
14 May 2015 Dominoes La Ville en Jeu(x), Mons 2015 Mons
28 September 2014 Dominoes Lieux Publics Marseille
19 September 2014 The Spaces of Telematic Performance Royal Central School of Speech and Drama London
19 July 2014 Dominoes Scenes de Rue Festival Mulhouse
26 May 2014 Dominoes Coventry Mysteries Festival Coventry
10 March 2014 Dominoes Cape Town
6–22 March 2014 Dissolved Beaconsfield (UK) London and Berlin
16–17 January 2014 Telematics Performance Workshops Beaconsfield London
1 August 2013 Dominoes Festival Metropolis Copenhagen
17 May 2013 Dominoes Festival Nord Magnetic Bailleul & Poperinge
10–25 January 2013 Roadmetal, Sweetbread Theatre de la Cité Internationale Paris
4–5 December 2012 Mind Out Aberystwyth Arts Centre Aberystwyth
4–5 October 2012 Roadmetal, Sweetbread Festival Effervescence Nevers
23 August 2012 Dominoes Helsinki Festival Helsinki
11–13 October 2011 Mind Out Theatre 140 Brussels
19 August 2011 Dominoes Mladi Levi Festival Ljubljana
22 May 2011 Nowhere Roundhouse London
16–17 December 2010 Mind Out St Etienne
18 October 2010 – 22 January 2011 Dominoes (film) Aberystwyth Arts Centre Aberystwyth
26 September 2010 Dominoes - The Film Whitechapel Gallery
25–26 September 2010 Artsadmin Weekenders: Julian Maynard Smith Toynbee Studios
18 July 2010 Dominoes - The Film The Rio Cinema
15 July 2010 Dominoes Dijon
21–22 May 2010 Backwards BAC London
23–30 August 2009 Mind Out C venues (Venue 34)
26 July 2009 Dominoes East London
25 February 2009 Mind Out Tramway Glasgow
13–29 November 2008 Mind Out BAC London
4–5 November 2008 Mind Out Warwick Arts Centre Coventry
1 November 2008 Mind Out Pact Zollverein Essen
28 October 2008 Mind Out Exeter Phoenix Exeter
25 October 2008 Mind Out Chapter Cardiff
23 October 2008 Mind Out Lakeside Theatre Colchester
15 October 2008 Mind Out The ShowRoom Chichester
8–9 October 2008 Mind Out Nuffield Theatre Lancaster
26 September 2008 Open Rehearsal Toynbee Studios
14 May 2008 Untitled (scratch performance) BAC London
19 April – 4 May 2008 What's Wrong with the World? Soho Theatre Bar London
19 April – 4 May 2008 What’s Wrong with the World? Oi Futuro Rio de Janeiro
25 February – 1 March 2008 SHO Winter School (Lose Your Mind) New Territories Winter School, Tramway Glasgow
16–17 February 2008 Roadmetal, Sweetbread Festspielhaus Hellerau Dresden
17–18 December 2007 Mind Out (scratch performance) BAC London
13 May 2007 One Day Workshop Battersea Arts Centre London
8–10 May 2007 Mind Out (scratch performance) BURST, Battersea Arts Centre London
15 April 2007 The Bastille Dances Museu Serralves Porto
8–12 November 2006 The Other Is You The Basement, Brighton; Grand Theatre, Groningen, The Netherlands; HAU, Berlin, Germany
1–15 November 2006 The Other Is You The Basement, Brighton; Grand Theatre, Groningen, The Netherlands; HAU, Berlin, Germany
23–24 October 2006 Roadmetal, Sweetbread Nottingham Arts Theatre Nottingham
23–24 September 2006 Roadmetal, Sweetbread Sirens Festival, Vilnius
17–18 August 2006 Roadmetal, Sweetbread Mladli Levi Ljubljana
14–24 June 2006 Play on Earth NewcastleGateshead UNIP, São Paulo, Brazil, 72-13 Singapore
6–9 April 2006 Roadmetal, Sweetbread Fringe Festival 2, Thessaloniki
4–6 January 2006 Roadmetal, Sweetbread Maison de la Culture d'Amiens, France