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Sustainable studios practice

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How you can help us achieve our goals to be carbon neutral and zero waste at Toynbee Studios by 2025

Artsadmin manages Toynbee Studios and we aim to make studio hire as environmentally sustainable as possible to reflect our values and our artistic programme, which aims to inspire conversation and action on climate change.

We’re proud of our Green Tourism Gold Award and ask that when visiting the studios that wherever possible you help us to reach our ambition of becoming a carbon neutral and zero waste venue by 2025.

We took in the Julie’s Bicycle Accelerator programme from 2018-2020, encouraging sustainable studio practices and more circular ways of thinking. This means that we invite our visitors to be responsible with material use, to consider the entire lifecycle of objects, and encourage sustainable behaviour in order to minimise waste and our collective impact on the planet.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Rethink your relationship to materials and the waste hierarchy, by considering: 

  • Can you refuse something that creates waste?
  • Can the amount being used be reduced?
  • Can these materials be used for something else or by someone else?
  • If the material can no longer be used then how can they best be recycled?

If you have any suggestions, would like further advice or information then please contact Samuel Skoog.

Two figures move through a series of sculptural spaces
Banner. Photo: Greg Goodale.