DV8 Physical Theatre


As DV8 Physical Theatre celebrates its 30th anniversary, artistic director Lloyd Newson has decided to take time out from the company to reflect and think about the future. As of January 2016, DV8 have put on hold the production of new work. Read the full statement on the company website here.

DV8 Physical Theatre's work is about taking risks, aesthetically and physically, about breaking down the barriers between dance, theatre and personal politics and, above all, communicating ideas and feelings clearly and unpretentiously. Led by Lloyd Newson, DV8 was formed in 1986 by an independent collective of dancers who had become frustrated and disillusioned with the preoccupations and direction of most dance. It has now produced sixteen highly acclaimed dance pieces and which have toured internationally, and four award-winning films for television.

Since 1987, DV8 has commissioned set designers and living composers for its works, helping investigate the relationship between body, architecture and music. The focus of the creative approach is on reinvesting dance with meaning, particularly where this has been lost through formalised techniques. Thematically, DV8 insists on the importance of challenging our preconceptions of what dance can, and should, address.

"You will never see anything like a work by Lloyd Newson…bold, involving and utterly unique. Hannes Langolf’s central performance is simply devastating in its impact and empathy… If you see it, you will never forget it."
Daily Telegraph (JOHN – 2014)

"A brilliant piece of theatre... it crosses the boundaries of dance, documentary drama and sound. It sits somewhere in its own space... a rare experience... extraordinary.”

Sydney Morning Herald (Can We Talk About This? - 2011)
"Every so often, a performance comes along that not only reconfigures the limits of the form, but also redefines and rearticulates how we see the world... Without a doubt, it is one of the most important works of our age. Go.”

Time Out Sydney (Can We Talk About This? - 2011)
“DV8…have always been well ahead of the game.  Now, just at a point when others are catching up, Newson reinvents the rules... you will not be able to resist this brave, life-affirming show.”

The Guardian (To Be Straight With You - 2008)
“Profoundly political and personally devastating...DV8's defiant grammar of dance and physical movement provides a liberating language of corporeal joy.”

Irish Times (To Be Straight With You – 2008)

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