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Dominoes at Mladi Levi Festival video

This summer, Station House Opera recreated the amazing site-specific installation DOMINOES in the streets of Ljubljana, Slovenia for the opening of Mladi Levi Festival. It was a fantastic event and generated a great feeling around the city.

Bunker, which organises the festival, has a long term relationship with Artsadmin, and we felt welcome and supported as ever. This is the third manifestation of DOMINOES following the Create Festival Commission in London in 2009 and the Festival Diese / Entre Cour et Jardins in Dijon France. The Slovenian blocks are different from the ones in the UK or France, and brought new calculations and surprises. Proving that each version of this project is unique!

For the first time, as the domino breeze blocks were falling down, the run was filmed and screened live, creating a new relationship with the audience.

Ljubljana, 19 August 2011
Created by: Station House Opera
Artistic director: Julian Maynard Smith
Slovene edition production: Bunker, Ljubljana

Thank you to all the 75 volunteers, Ytong, British Council

Originally commissioned for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch CREATE 09 Art Award.