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Screenings programme 5

Julia Bardsley, Snow/Snowdronia  (1999, 21mins)
Snow/Snowdronia explores an amnesiac terrain of whiteness, where detail and distance are layered. Set within a visual & sonic drone, the landscape is interrupted by rare moments of clarity.

Rosemary Lee and Peter Anderson, boy (1995, 5mins)
Filmed on the coast of Norfolk, the film explores the magical world of an eight-year old boy who conjures up his imaginary twin.

Lucy Cash and Goat Island, Dark (2001, 1min)
Dark is a duet of falling and circling, unravelling through editing.

Bob Levene, String Pattern (2004, 4mins)
Using string, motor and contact microphone, String Pattern animates four short pieces of string into an elegant dance, each playing off of one another, exploring the relationship between the sound and image and questioning the mechanics of cinematic illusion.

Jocelyn Cammack, Bodies of Water (2004, 7mins)
Bodies of Water traces the whimsical meanderings of a patently hopeless fisherman as he inadvertently retrieves moments of other peoples’ lives from the surreal, water-logged landscapes of Iceland.

Image: Still from Dark (Lucy Cash & Goat Island)


Date and time

16–17 June 2007

Please note
This is now a past event.


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