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Carnation & Mas Distinguidas

La Ribot

Photo by Nyima Leray.

In Summer 2014 the dancer Ruth Childs, Lucinda’s niece, “inherited” PastimeCarnation and Museum Piece, and began working under her aunt’s guidance to present the solos to a new generation of viewers. 

Having worked for La Ribot on several projects, she suggested to pair the reprise of Carnation (1964) with her Mas distinguidas pieces from 1997. The pieces were transmitted to Ruth Childs by Lucinda Childs and La Ribot respectively between July and September 2014, making her the depositary of two iconic pieces of the history of contemporary dance. 

Both Lucinda Childs and La Ribot share a common idea of dance and they contributed to move choreography per se in the broader field of contemporary art. Both works also reveal the plastic and almost pictorial nature of choreographic composing.


Date and time

6–7 November 2015

Please note
This is now a past event.


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