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James Jordan Johnson


James Jordan Johnson (born in 1997, London) is an artist working in live art.

He employs live art methodology to discuss collective and individual memory. Through dealing with everyday life, he situates his work inside of site-specific or street contexts in order to inquire into performance as an everyday phenomenon. It is through this context by which he looks into the everyday and the performative ‘ordinary’ by collecting readymade materials and objects that carry imbued modes of significance. By using objects and materials, he explores how memory through performance is passed, not passed, displaced, replaced, lags or even comes to be enforced by and through death. With this, he attempts to understand the ways in which performance is articulated inside of everyday life.

“I will be using the Bursary to create a new piece of performance work with artist and mentor Jade Blackstock. This will also include the support and assistance of Oxford-based researcher Naima Hassan. The Bursary will constitute the grounds of inquiring into the relationship between performance and anthropology as I intend to explore if and how feet can physiologically store personal memories. This will include continuing to further my use and exploration of objects and materials via both performance and sculpture as I look into Afro-Caribbean ritualism and ceremonies.”

James Jordan Johnson


A photo of a figure walking along sand, leaving a trail behind them
Photo by Gabriel Silver Parker