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Gary Stevens

Week 4. Photo by Hydar Dewachi

ARCHIPELAGO was a mixed exhibition of installation and performance. Each artist marked his or her territory. They made choices of whether defend themselves against the others or cooperate; trade or start a war with them. They co-existed; there was no sequence of performances.

The audience could visit any or all of the islands at any time. The artists may have been building something towards a performance or occupation. What remains may have been the aftermath of some activity. They may have built camps or nests. The features were constantly changing. The works struggled for autonomy, where they simultaneously stood alone and shared a common space.

Contributing artists were: Emma Benson, Claire Blundell Jones, Ian Bourn, Helena Bryant, Lee Campbell, Helena Goldwater, Michelle Griffiths, Zoë Mendelson, Graeme Miller, Frog Morris, Steve Ounanian, Florence Peake, Tim Spooner, Fiona Templeton and Caroline Wilkinson.

WAKE and ARCHIPELAGO were two parallel exhibitions of installation and performance related work conceived and curated by London based artists Anne Bean and Gary Stevens. The two spaces, located five minutes walk away from each other across Southwark Park, were home to an ongoing programme of events, installations and performances created by over 20 artists who worked and/or resided in one of the two spaces from between one and six weeks.

Find out about WAKE at Dilston Grove.

Date Title Venue City
11 June – 17 July 2011 WAKE / ARCHIPELAGO Dilston Grove / Cafe Gallery London
Week 4. Photo by Hydar Dewachi