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The Roadless Trip

Sarah Woods

Photo by John Hunter.
2013 – 2016

The future is not some place we are going to, but somewhere we are creating.”
– John Schaar, Futurist

The Roadless Trip is an urgent and irresistible invitation to imagine a positive future. Performed by Sarah and her teenage daughter Lil, the show mixes performance, film and Saturday night style gameshows to get us thinking about how we live now and how it could affect us in the future.

The Roadless Trip is a show that exists in two forms: Over Spring 2015 the first version of The Roadless Trip travelled to over 20 different community groups across Aberystwyth, Birmingham, Kent, Lancaster and Warwick. After the show, each member of the audience was invited to contribute their own thoughts, reactions and stories about the future in The Roadless Trip film studio known as “The Tripper” – located in the back of a specially converted ex-ambulance.

Then, using these filmed interviews, Sarah re-created The Roadless Trip into a brand new show featuring new ideas, new games and even a Medieval Re-Enactment Society – all determined and inspired by the 200+ people she met and interviewed. The Roadless Trip remade projects a positive image of the future, one that doesn’t have to be suffocated by austerity, climate change and zombie apocalypses, but can celebrate respect, togetherness, innovation and the importance of food.

The original concept for The Roadless Trip was made by Sarah Woods in collaboration with Richard Gott. Performed by Sarah Woods and Lil Woods with films by John Hunter. Originally an Emergence | Eginiad commission, supported by Arts Council Wales and TippingPoint. The further development and tour of The Roadless Trip is supported by the Ashden Trust, Arts Council England and Arts Council Wales in collaboration with Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Birmingham Rep, Gulbenkian Theatre in Kent, Live at LICA and Warwick Arts Centre.

For more information on this project download the touring pack.

Date Title Venue City
3 February 2016 The Roadless Trip Warwick Arts Centre Coventry
7 November 2015 The Roadless Trip Birmingham Rep Theatre Birmingham
5 November 2015 The Roadless Trip Lancaster Arts Lancaster
6 October 2015 The Roadless Trip Aberystwyth Arts Centre Aberystwyth
19 September 2015 The Roadless Trip Gulbenkian Theatre Canterbury
17–18 July 2015 The Roadless Trip Various venues Canterbury
25–27 June 2015 The Roadless Trip Various venues Birmingham
16–18 June 2015 The Roadless Trip Various venues Lancaster
22 June 2013 Two Degrees: The Roadless Trip Toynbee Studios
Photo by John Hunter.