8 - 11 June 2017

A To Z Unit: Micro Micro


Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
E1 6AB
T 020 7650 2350

Embark on a field trip to harvest, map and transform found micro-organisms from the city.

What is the future of food in the face of climate change?

2 Degrees Festival has delegated the task of jumping 50 years into the future to the A to Z Unit, to explore micro-organisms (bacteria & yeasts) and the place they may hold in a food-scarce world.

Micro-organisms are worth more than gold, and are the key ingredient to the future of our food, economic and social systems. The A to Z Unit have identified these future sustainable food sources within the local craft food and beer micro-economic system of East London.

We are recruiting a select team of micro-prospectors to join the A to Z Unit for their East London mission. Using a specialised toolkit we will harvest, map and sample local items such as bread, beer, cheese and other food and beverages before transporting them into the year 2067. With input from artist and micro-trader Kate Rich we will collectively translate our mapped findings through climate change scenarios to culminate in edible creations and ready for our future.

Finally joined by food designers Blanch & Shock we will put the recipes to use for our micro-food bar which will be open to the public for tasting.

Interested in becoming a micro-prospector?

Whether you are a foodie, a home brewer, a biologist, or are just curious, the A to Z Unit would like to welcome you to their team.

Participants must be availabe at the following times:
Thursday 8 June: 10-4pm.
Friday 9 June: 10-2pm.
Saturday 10 June: 3-8pm.
Sunday 11 June: 11am–2pm (optional)

Please send us a brief expression of interest, including what you can contribute to the mission, and your confirmation of availability. Spaces are limited. Email your expression of interest to 2degrees@artsadmin.co.uk with the subject 'Take part in micro-micro'.

Deadline: Monday 15 May.

You will be notified of your place on the A to Z Unit by Friday 26 May. 


More information

The A to Z Unit is currently seeking curious minds to join them on their upcoming field project where you will go into the wilds of East London to mine and harvest micro-organisms.

As part of their team of micro-prospectors, you will be involved in:

Mining & harvesting
You will accompany A to Z Unit on a field survey of the craft food and beverage micro-economy of East London. Using a specialised toolkit, you will assist them with locating East London’s micro-organism resources by finding and collecting samples of foods and beverages transformed by micro-organisms such as bread, beer, yogurt, wine, and cheese.

Examining & processing
Micro-prospectors will survey and examine the micro-organism related food and beverages collected. From these findings, we will collaboratively develop speculative recipes for micro-organism products in the year 2067. The recipes will imagine the new social, economic and political significance of the micro-organisms, and their potential uses in adapting to climate change.

Documenting & digesting
The recipe cards will become an integral part of the A to Z Unit in their attempt to create new systems for categorising and analysing the role of micro-organisms in changing food systems. Working in collaboration with the catering and design studio Blanch & Shock, we will transform our speculative recipes into edible artefacts at our public micro-food bar at Toynbee Studios.

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