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Kitchen Cultures: eating (as) ecology

Kaajal Modi

A sensory workshop exploring food, climate and colonialism

person holding up chopstick with food
Kaajal Modi at Interactivos 2019: Eating Against Collapse, the Kitchenette of Future Dust. Photo by Shandi YC Hsin

Join us for an experimental sensory workshop where we will taste foods from around the world that are “cooked” through human and microbial collaborations.

As we do so, we will ask, what are the climates, critters and colonies (human and otherwise) involved in the production of our food?

Can we taste our relationship to these other beings, and in doing so, become more mindful of our responsibility to care for them?

By consciously digesting the products of climate colonialism, can we begin to bodily de-colonise our food web?

As part of the event, we will also discuss some of the material and metaphoric affordances of inter-cultural and eco-social practices of preservation, and invite participants to share their own practices of intimacy, relationality and care for our planet’s metabolic ecologies.

Kaajal Modi is a multidisciplinary designer and researcher who collaborates with humans and other-than-humans as part of an exploration of relationality, ecology and social transformation at intimate scales. Currently conducting a practice-based PhD at UWE, Bristol, they investigate fermentation (and other preservation) techniques from the Global South, both as a material practice of survival, and as a metaphor through which to explore geography, time, survival, intimacy, loss and resistance.

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Date and time

11 September 2021
Please email with any dietary requirements.
This event is not suitable for those with histamine intolerances.

Please note
This is now a past event.


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