Tim Spooner


Tim Spooner is an artist working in painting and live shows. Since 2010 he has been making and demonstrating collections of puppets or performing sculptures, presenting them in vibrating compositions of living and inanimate matter, sound and electricity. These shows aim to expand an understanding of the physical world by revealing something of its inner life.

Recent shows include The Telescope, where a series of tiny magnetic and chemical events are enacted under a microscope camera and presented as a documentary account of an uncertain landscape; and Subliming Furiously, where the material qualities of the voice are tested and amplified in the story of a journey through an abstracting woodland (supported by a Dance and the Homemade Commission from Chisenhale Dance Space).

He is currently working on a new show for children and adults, The Assembly of Animals. On a slowly expanding stage, visions will emerge from the darkness, and then gradually reveal their mechanics.

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