Christoph Jankowski joins Artsadmin's Board of Trustees

Posted on Nov 13, 2018
Artsadmin is delighted to welcome Christoph Jankowski to our Board of Trustees. 

"I had been an admirer of Artsadmin long before I even set foot in the UK cultural sector and have closely followed their European and international work – the organisation has quite the continental reputation. Artsadmin seems to attract exceptionally committed and passionate (and kind!) creators and enablers, and so I am all the more delighted and proud to have been nominated to the Board and excited to continue supporting the organisation with their innovative and necessary work."

Christoph has been running the Culture side of Creative Europe Desk UK since 2010 and has supported hundreds of UK and other European organisations in developing exciting arts, culture and heritage focused partnerships, projects and successful Creative Europe applications.

He is an expert in European cultural policy and the impact of European collaboration on the sector, and is well connected through a number of European networks. Christoph has developed particular expertise, through necessity, on the possible impacts of Brexit on the cultural and creative sectors. He grew up in Brussels, is of German and American heritage and lives in Bow, East London.

@CEDUK_Culture | @BritishArts

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