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Announcing the mentored artists for Wild Longings

Curious have been working with two artists, Amy Dakin Harris and Sofia Figueiredo, to work on Wild Longings, a performance for gardens and Uproot, a creative community workshop. Read on to find out more about Amy and Sofia and their practice.

Amy Dakin Harris (London)

Amy Dakin Harris is an artist and gardener. She takes choreographic and mapping principles and expands them across media, making works that participate with audience and place.

Amy was selected as a UK Young Artist, Le CouveNt’s residency grant 2016, the Elbow Room Prize and the Charlotte Kirkpatrick Award. She has previously undertaken residencies and exhibited in Denmark, Iceland, France and the UK. Medicinal plants are her current source of artistic research as she continues to develop her performance work, ‘My Beloved Ritual’.

Sofia Figueiredo (Norfolk) 

Sofia Figueiredo was a London based performance artist until she recently moved to North Norfolk. Her vocabulary gravitates around dance theatre, improvisation, circus, objects theatre and community art.

Her pieces are for all ages and explore the aesthetic perception of the environment. She is mostly interested in performing outdoors and in the public space. Since moving to the UK in 2011 she’s been presenting site-responsive live improvisations, where she plays freely with voice, words, movement, old objects and landscapes. In 1999, in Porto (Portugal) she co-founded Circolando (a cultural co-op) where she was co-creator and interpreter of award-winning outdoor shows touring festivals internationally.

Image: Sofia Figueiredo