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Graeme Miller

Conjunction by Graeme Miller

Enter a philosophical space that examines the seeds of unplanned hope.
Using pre-recorded answers to an unheard question, Conjunction is a new installation that captures thought at the moment it emerges, and strings it on a fragile thread. The captured words teeter and collapse but relentlessly renew, with a pathological optimism, making a monument of clutching at straws.
Emerging from the bold and influential stage work of Impact Theatre Co-operative in the 1980s, a group he co-founded, Graeme Miller's work now embraces a wide range of media. With the idea of being a composer of many things, he has made theatre, dance, installations and interventions, always reflecting a sense of landscape and place.
Commissioned by BAC


Date and time

15–23 May 2009

Please note
This is now a past event.