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Florence Peake

Photo by Stuart Rodda © 2011 Rules and Regs

8pm. Free.

Florence performs 40 at LUPA in an evening of work curated by Jordan McKenzie, Kate Mahony and Rachel Dowle.

40 instants; Jacqueline, Mercedes, Bruce, Felicity, affair, call, ghost, eye, distill, contenders, 8, objects, duplicated, 3rd, paper, paper, mother, valediction, night, flights, landscape, stupid, make, remake, trilogy, Unnamed, construct, apple, 3rd, sea, night, flights, piece, prank, market, features, Flesh, secrets, thickening, performance.

A grim little lock-up garage, the size of a single car, on a Housing Estate in deepest Bethnal Green is the venue for a series of ‘pop-up’ performances staged once-a-month on a Friday night.

The audience assembles in the car park and the event ‘pops-up’ promptly at 8pm, finishes at 9, and reconvenes in the nearby Approach Tavern. Bring an umbrella.


Date and time

17 May 2013

Please note
This is now a past event.


Garage behind James Campbell House
E2 9QE