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Homeward (house) Bound

Stacy Makishi

A live and intimate one to one encounter to be experienced on the phone.

Couch surfing on Hokusai's 'The Great Wave'. Image by Stacy Makishi and Vick Ryder.

Will there be a second wave? A sequel? The second coming?

Homeward (house) Bound by Stacy Makishi offers homemade rituals to help us surf through uncertainty, boredom, reruns and grief.

A mundane encounter with a toaster, a kettle, a light switch, will suddenly be charged with gravity and magic. Familiar actions like opening a window becomes a moment of transformation; an epiphany along the road to redemption.

Homeward (house) Bound will set your heart free.

A Yellow Earth Homemakers Commission.

This is a show about grief and loss, so please consider if this may be a trigger for you.

Date and time

5–7 November 2020
Performance times: Every half an hour, 11:00-16.30
Duration of each call: 25 minutes

Please note
This is now a past event.