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Kristian de la Riva


Kristian de la Riva will create a series of animations for Town Hall Hotel, from the series Tomorrowland.

The animations will feature fictional inventions that people in 1939 expected to see in 2039 – the first set Daytime will be available on a vintage console in the hotel, and the second Nighttime will be available to download online.

Kristian de la Riva completed his BA at Nottingham Trent University (2003) and an MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins (2009).  He has since gone on to exhibit extensively in the UK and abroad.  He was selected for New Contemporaries 2010.

Kristian De La Riva’s animations and images focus on habitual, archetypal patterns of human behaviour. Within his work he uses a minimal black line drawn style, which is used to animate the actions of male and female figures. The characters for the work are taken from real footage predominantly of the artist, yet all detail, clothing and facial, is stripped away to create generic representations of a man or a woman. Such a reduction in the use of the human form often creates in the work a playful cartoon like edge that sits in contrast to the layered and often psychological complexity of the issues addressed. After completing both BA and MA degrees at Nottingham Trent University (2003) and Central Saint Martins (2009) he has gone on to exhibit extensively in the UK and abroad.