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Max and Noa


The work of Max and Noa (formerly known as Sheaf+Barley) cobbles together tools responding to now and directed towards the future, through research, action, and belief.

Their work is a public sharing of this, in dialogue with everyone who comes into contact with it. Max and Noa think that belief is a radical act, and that to interrupt hegemony we must be in a constant state of uprising.*

Bursary plans

We want to use the Bursary to become more skilled so that we can make more nuanced and articulate things. We want to become more adept at telling stories. We’ve worked with a lot of people and material but we’re young, inexperienced and very underqualified. We’re working with people who give us their time, and we want to do justice to the work and the people we’re working with. We need to level-up a bit – training in nonviolent communication, metalworking, and so on. We applied as Sheaf + Barley, but recently we’ve been pushing against those names and making.

*Max and Noa applied for the Artsadmin Bursary Scheme as Sheaf+Barley, but have recently been pushing against those names and forms of making. Find out more here

Photo by Christa Holka